1. Policy

The Swamp Donkey Musical Theatre Society is a family theatre company and encourages children to attend our performances. Tickets must be purchased for all children over the age of one (1) year, regardless of whether they require their own seats.  

As audience enjoyment and the safety of our cast and crew are of the upmost importance to us, we request no babes in arms at our performances.  

If you find yourself in a situation where you must bring an infant or toddler to a performance and are willing to purchase the requisite ticket for them, we ask that you be considerate of the other members of our audience as well as our cast and crew.  

If your infant or child becomes a distraction to the audience, cast, or crew, please leave the audience immediately and quietly. If you fail to do so our crew will ask you to leave the theatre.  

There will be no refunds or exchanges on tickets if you must leave the theatre in either of the situations set out above.  Please also see our Re-Entry Policy.

2. Contact Information

Please contact us by email at if you require additional information about this policy.